Buy with Elite

  • You must register to bid
  • You must register with a valid credit card
  • After registering and providing a valid CC number you will receive a bidder number.
  • This is your bidder number and are responsible for any bids associated w this number
  • You may now enter any auction and place bids on items
  • If there is an item you want to bid on click on the item and read the description carefully
  • If you have any question about an item please contact us BEFORE placing a bid
  • Please note Preview days and times are available for all auction items
  • It’s your responsibility to inspect and test these items.
  • If you are out of state or country please call us BEFORE bidding and we can make arrangements to test items on your behalf
  • You have the opportunity to place a single bid or a max bid. Max bid will automatically increase your bid against another buyer until your maximum amount is reached.
  • You will be notified if you are outbid by email only. It is your responsibility to check your email on the auction closing day!
  • Auction items close at 3 lots (items) per minute
  • If a bid is placed during the last minutes of closing time, closing will automatically extend and additional 3 minutes
  • You will be notified by email if you have won an item
  • Invoices must be paid by specified times and dates indicated for each auction
  • Shipping/ pick up arrangements must be made by noon the day after bidding concludes
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